Massage Therapist Program

Discover the power of healing touch and embark on a fulfilling career with our exceptional Massage Therapy Program. Designed to provide you with a comprehensive education and hands-on experience, our program equips you with the knowledge and skills to become a skilled and compassionate massage therapist.

Massage School Curriculum – 625 Hrs

Core Massage Curriculum – 465 Hrs

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With three day or evening classes a week – hands-on, lecture and applied myomassology – you build a strong foundation for your massage career. You will learn a multitude of techniques, modalities, and information crucial for a massage therapist

What You Will Learn

Why you should consider Massage Therapist to your services

Anatomy & Physiology

Training in muscles, bones and how the body works is a necessity for a massage therapist.
By the time you graduate, you will have a thorough knowledge of the structure of the body, its organs and how the systems work.

Professional Communications, Massage Ethics & Business Practices

It is crucial to have good communication skills to build and maintain a successful massage practice.
In your professional development classes, you will learn how to acquire employment, develop your own massage practice, and maintain ethical relationships along with key marketing strategies to establish a clientele.

Massage School Elective Classes (100 Hours)

In addition to all the techniques you learn in your core curriculum, Mosley’s Massage School offers different elective subjects to choose from. You pick from these classes based on your own interests. Similar to massage workshops, some of these are specialties and modalities used to enhance a therapeutic massage session. Others are of general interest designed to inspire personal growth and expand awareness.
With holistic health instructors from all around Greater Detroit, you can take classes in Sports Massage, Shiatsu, Hot Rock Massage, Fascia Therapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Herbology, Prenatal, and even Canine Massage. With these fun classes, you will be able to tailor your education to your own interests.

Massage Therapy Clinical Experience (60 Hours)

In addition to your classes, you get plenty of practical experience working in Irene’s Student Clinic. By practicing in a professionally run student clinic, you will gain first-hand experience working on the public under the supervision of faculty members. This massage clinic provides affordable massage for the public with senior and military discounts.
Additionally, you will participate in community outreach by attending school-sponsored events in which you are given the opportunity to perform massage throughout Metro Detroit at health fairs and charity functions. This allows you to test your new skills in the real world and prepare yourself to work professionally as soon as you graduate.