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Financial Assistance

At MSOC, we’re dedicated to offering flexible financial payment plans. With our monthly payment plan, there is zero per cent interest. We offer grants and scholarships that are offered by and for the cosmetology program. For more information, please contact our admission office by phone or email for a one on one tour and information session.

Gather your documentation:

Copy of HS diploma/Ged – (High School Diploma is not required must have at least 9th-grade education.
Photo ID
$200 Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee
***To ensure quality education enrollment is limited.
Cosmetology Program Cost
Full Time& Part-Time

Total Hours: 1500
Tuition Cost: $15,000.00

Esthetician Program Cost

Course Hours & Tuition

Total Hours: 400
Tuition Cost:  $7,500

Nail Technician Program Cost

Course Hours & Tuition

Total Hours: 400 Total Hours
Tuition Cost: $5,600.00

Instructor and Limited Instructor Program Cost

Cosmetology Instructor
Total Hours: 400
Tuition Cost: $4,000.00

Esthetician Instructor

Total Hours: 300
Tuition Cost: $3,000

Nail Technician Instructor

Total Hours: 300
Tuition Total: $3,000

State Board Refresher Course Cost Tuition $450.00 for 5Hrs
Includes both Theory & Practical Testing
State Board Packing &Manikin
Flexible payment option
Student/Parental Loans
In House Financing
Tuition discount if paid in full